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The schiphol project

Master Graduate Sian Wong designed this building for his graduation thesis. The woody auditorium and the gray mechanical system are 3D printed by 3Delft. We congratulate him on achieving a 9.0 / 10.0 for this project.

“The Schiphol Theatre locates at the centre of Schiphol terminal, which lies on one of the main axis within a transitional cityscape. It contains a multicharacter essence  with functioning as a public lounge, a public space, as well as an event space for not only classical performaces, but also public entertainments.”

Sian Chi Hang Wong

Project Group WB08 2.png

Project group WB08

The WB08 project group at TU Delft has created a desktop CNC machine that consists of customized 3D printed components. We are proud of their result and we wish them success with the project and the rest of their studies.



The Stieltjesweg building is a student housing on the campus of the TU Delft. Our modeling experts recreated the building with a CAD software. Then the model was 3D printed. Now students living at the Stieltjesweg can physically show their friends and families where they have lived in their college days.

Our team

Steven Mitchell Tan

Student Mechanical Engineering TU Delft

Lars van der Lely

Student Mechanical Engineering TU Delft

Flint ten Berg

Student Mechanical Engineering TU Delft

Kim Johnson

Student Aerospace Engineering TU Delft